Jordan Peterson’s God is a Fascist? Is this where right wing theology is? Does Peterson even believe in God? OR just authoritarianism which he wants to call ‘God’?

“Revenge against God for the crime of Being.”

Whose being? What is he talking about? Is this wholly projection?

Jordan Peterson, talking to right wing journalist Andy Ngo talk about “antifa”, the boogeyman version not the version that fights fascism and I consider myself an individual franschise manager of as a person who is willing to defend against fascism and is not a pacifist. Peterson cries and says ‘they are worse than animals’. Totally normal behavior and the dehumization of your political enemies by a classifier you yourself control is definitely not fascist, not at all JP.

Interesting listening to this guy, whom I frankly hate, but while dealing with some of these same theological issues myself. It’s kind of scary that this guy has influence over people and is seen as so… clear thinking. I think he has a deep pathology, which is given to him BY his influence.

Power is a hell of a drug.

Narcissim in the age of social media – being critiqued by social media narcissists – through the lens of Christian hypocrisy – this is going in weeeird directions, JP. Best of luck to your mental health, and that of your followers.

I consider myself antifascist. I think defending yourself and your community from the threat of fascism is a good ideal to hold. I’m not a pacifist and am able to think for myself. I don’t understand Peterson’s being AGAINST anti-fascism without making some false claims about antifascism as simply principle in stance, or alluding to something else.

Naturally, I am not going to listen to the actual podcast from Peterson, cause I know what he is doing and I’m not going to waste my time. I can understand why his followers or even some fair arguers would take issue with this, but, the guy did personally block me on social media, so. I’m not having a fair discussion with him. He’s pushing propaganda into my realm.

*Updating this cause JP just responded to a youtube comment of mine on his vid and I was rereading: I am realizing it MAY have actually been Stephen Molyneux who blocked me on twitter. But I am banned from the platform entirely now. So I don’t know.

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