Democrats Need to Win the Midterms Because Rational Civil Disobedience to Protest the Theocratic Overturn of Roe Vs. Wade Could Put Millions of Americans in Danger of Imprisonment or Worse if the GOP is In Power

We have a Supreme Court that is potentially going to issue a ruling that contravenes the separation of church and state, decides the definition of ‘life’ and that life’s rank above an adult female’s rights in the social order based on religious criteria, and foists a theocracy on us, tearing up the constitution and making the court illegitimate.

I don’t see how they can overturn Roe vs. Wade and continue to be a legitimate branch of government. What interpretation of law could they give that a woman does not have a right to her own body? That a fetus is a defensible member of society? If fetal tissue is a human being, what about farm animals? They have as much awareness and sensation as a fetus at the time of abortion. Is the court going to mandate everyone become vegetarian? If the court starts issuing rulings based on ‘feelings’ and religious belief, this country will be, in a word, damned.

I believe in God. Theocrats can hang. KEEP ABORTION SAFE AND LEGAL.

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