Supreme Court to Weigh On Whether Women Can Be Jailed For Allowing House Plants to Die (HELL IS COMING… HELL IS HERE)

The death of a house plant – in a woman’s care – inside the womb that is a woman’s home – is a sign a woman is not living up to the delicate values of our society. And it is CRIMINAL that she does not care about the things our high chancellors care about, and thus should be subject to punishment. A plant has as much right as I have to project the entire meaning of my existence into its arbitrary impositioned-identity of compliance with the meaning of MY will’s connection to the world acceding to the conformity of my desire for comfort of view. As far as that goes, fuck women, fuck God, fuck God giving mankind free will. I’m in charge. You are MY property, you have not autonomy lest I decide you have it, you are the chattel of my factory farm. DEal with it, this isn’t a democracy, it’s a theocracy now. God bless, America is over, this is the new shit.

No one would riot for less.

Keep Abortion Safe and Legal

An argument could be made that the right wing using law’s to harm and punish women to protect the rights of fetal tissue could be used in turn to make laws justifying harming and punishing the right wing to protect adult women. Since we’re just making laws on on our fee fees these days. How about setting up bounty hunters for anyone involved in a GOP election campaign? Makes as much sense as the GOP laws punishing women for having abortions. In my view. Unless of course you make it illegal for me to think on my own. Or… is that the whole point of stacking the supreme court and getting to this point?

Have fun destroying American democracy, you arrogant fucking pricks

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