Russia Is Falling Into a Living 1984 Situation – And Some (Many? Even in the Center?) in the Right Wing Supports this Outcome For America

from a guy I just followed on youtube: Dark Dan

My response: Good vid! When you said Putin put himself in checkmate because their setup of pushing lies even fooled their leadership – and Putin. Trump has the same issue with thinking he is right about everything and wanting to surround himself with only people who back everything he says, even when he contradicts himself from one moment to the next. This leads to the kind of 1984 situation where, if you lock down media, you don’t just push a narrative, you control the story of what actually is happening and HAS happened, because you can erase the past. In 1984 they had the memory hole. Trump wanted to change section 230 – so that the STATE had control of what information was available. Not businesses being responsible for their platforms and their management, but that they could be sued by individuals for the posts of OTHER people, as being responsible, despite their providing what amounts to a ‘space’ to have conversation. It is the exact same loophole they are trying to use to ban abortion, not by saying it is unconstitutional — but that if some random citizen sues you because THEY take an issue with your behavior, you have to answer to them in court. It’s like saying the state has no responsibility to protect its citizens from other citizens – they very opposite of what the social contract is based on – that collectivism, forming societies and coming together makes us all SAFER. They don’t want everyone to be safe. They want to “win.” It is anti-democracy.


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