Ben Shapiro Symposium on the Pros and Cons of Wet Ass Pu**y Delivered Before Young Americans Foundation Interrupted by Rude Interloper Who Thinks Trans People Have a Right to Exist Without Being Targeted by Powerful Media Conglomerates for Obliteration

Ben “oh man I despise this dude” Shapiro in the news again for threatening a man’s future, saying he should be stripped of academic accolades for daring disagree with him in public.

The guy was right, Ben is not in agreement with the medical experts. Ben IS pushing old data. Ben wants people to hate trans people but isn’t even pushing the ‘facts’, he’s a demagogue. Trans people are not knew, Ben is trying to control people’s lives because he wants more people to be aligned with his politics – which as far as I can tell rest LARGELY on obedience to authority and letting people tell you what to do with your life? As the right wing media bubble pushes low popularity extremist legislation and the effects are felt by more people in the real world, I imagine this type of friction will become more pronounced. Ben is pouring gasoline, one must expect sparks. People’s hair will stand up, as it must. That’s how the metaphors I mixed there work, so. And then you drink the gasoline from the balloon and I think Willy Wonka excludes you from the contest for breach of

Dude mentioned Shapiro not getting his wife wet IN DIRECT REBUTTAL to Shapiro politicizing Cardi B’s WAP as somehow a moral issue, using her as a wedge to attack feminism as a whole. So that explains his ‘insult’. Valiant effort in the depths of the lions den.

I suggest in further confrontations asking Ben how he as a Jewish person can square pushing misinformation for political gain to dehumanize an entire class of people – and to what end is doing so?

Shapiro is doing no one any good. He’s actually pushing bad science. He is popularizing transgenderism, but in false terms. The DSM V listes dysphoria – it validates it. Shapiro is saying ‘transgenderism is a mental condition’ that is not the opinion of clinical psychology. The DSM V states ‘If needed, the use of hormone therapy may also prove beneficial.’ ‘Current case reports offer no evidence that psychotherapy offers total and long-standing about face of cross-gender identity. It is important to state that all transsexuals are not the same, and thus are not part of a uniform group. Early diagnosis and treatment decreases the chance for individuals to suffer depression, emotional agony, and to attempt suicide. It is equally significant to state that gender dysphoria is not identical to homosexuality. Each individual goes through a unique change, some may want a short-term change, and be content with cross-dressing, while others may desire a complete change, and seek gender assignment surgery (Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2013). Those who are born having ambiguous genitalia may meet the criteria for the identification of gender dysphoria.’ – SHAPIRO IS CONTRADICTING THE MAIN MEDICAL CONSULTATION TEXT BOOK FOR PSYCHIATRISTS BY STATING TRANSGENDERISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER: FACT.

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