Hopes that Libertarian Billionaire Troll Elon Musk Pulls Off Hostile Takeover Of Twitter Put a Twinkle in the Eye of Violence Lovers Everywhere

I was kicked off twitter a few years ago for sparring with legit out and out Neo-Nazis when the algorithm couldn’t parse my using Nazi imagery contextually and sweeping me clean with what it decided was offensive. I for one welcome Musk’s takeover of Twitter in the name of ‘free speech’, likely a plot to put Trump back on the platform, so long as he applies the rules evenly and allows both threats of violence and hate speech by Presidents and random grunts defending the constitution against far right extremists regardless of class and social status. I look forward to threatening assassination and consorting with like minded people openly to coordinate together, even looking to create a public ownership of public discourse platforms like Twitter. Musk says he doesn’t want to make money and is looking out for the future of humanity, so we should differ on very little, I’d imagine. Make it rain, robot boy.

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