Ron DeSantis Tries Out National Socialism In Florida To Stomp Out Degenerate Art Of Marvel Cinematic Universe Once and For All

What the Intelligencer Calls ‘Banana Republic’ Politics, Ron Desantis “test-driving his brand of “competent Trumpism” retaliating against Disney for having an opinion different than his party, “one way rulers like Orban and Putin hold power,” well… It was also the de factor political and economic system of National Socialism – the Nazis. Socialism for an elite, a merger of corporate and state power that benefited an elite, ending the propaganda war against a scapegoat in a situated oppressive regime that terrorized even the ‘good Germans’. “But reAL nATIOnAl sOcIALiSm’S neVER BeEN tRiEd’ – I can hear Tucker and their rat king wedding train steaming up to take me to the death camp. Hashtag Gulag Selfie.

Do Not Attempt To Grow A Brain.

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