Here’s Lookin’ At Me – A Poem By Cypress Butane

Women are vacuums.

They thrive on pain.

Ilsa Lund was a liar for love. She had it all. She started the war.

She was always wet in the eyes.

It’s all “We’ll always have Paris”, but I never got to make a spare


At my place everyone knows my name. But they don’t know dick.

I sacrifice for love.

That’s the way it is, the women lie, the men sacrifice. I am telling

the truth.

The women lie and it is a sacrifice.

The men sacrifice and it is a lie.

No one makes a living, unless they can get the right papers.

The ones we each have are expired or worthless.

Or else expensive and unrescindable. Or so they say.

You’re right, I am more impressed.

But I still have a heart. How could you not and still stay afloat in

this desert?

We both got where we were going, Ilsa and I. Both by our

transportation of choice.

God damn I loved that woman.

She’ll never hear the end of it.

P.S. Why am I crying, Ilsa? I… It’s just… It’s just I love you so

much and I hate this damn war so much.

Oh, the world is so crazy,

Anything can happen.

Ask Victor Laslo.

You don’t know me like he does.

Not even he does.

But I still love you, just like I said.

Ah, Lou…

You don’t know where I been, Lou.

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