If Tom From MySpace Was Trying to Make You A Slave Out of Sheer Arrogant Ignorant Incompentance – All Time Top Five Dark Timeline Plots – Elon Musk Buys Twitter – Icebergs All Around – Full Steam Ahead – I’m Gonna Sink THis Bitch!

My advice if this sort of thing happened with a real world space would be to stay around and ight for the space tooth and nail, but this is a social media space. So my advice is to divest immediately. Most of Elon’s troll base who want Trump back on the platform want to legitimize their trolling only to fight against the culture that makes use of social media for discussion in a positive manner so that they can make their negation have a positive aspect by attacking your positivity. The best way to not give them this is to walk away in reality. Use alternative social media. I have dabbled in Mastadon as a twitter alternative. The best I can see coming from Musk buying twitter and really the only outcome is a new web that doesn’t aim for a pinnacle capitalist reach hierarchy of encompassment, but communities built upon community – which means the difference will be sans profit motive as the end all.

I’m reminded once again of the Godspeed You Black Emperor liner notes for their latest album ‘God’s PEe at State’s End:

we wrote it on the road mostly. when that was still a place.
and then recorded it in masks later, distanced at the beginning of the second wave.
it was autumn, and the falling sun was impossibly fat and orange.
we tried to summon a brighter reckoning there,
bent beneath varied states of discomfort, worry and wonderment.

we fired up the shortwave radios again, for the first time in a long time.
and found that many things had changed.
the apocalypse pastors were still there, but yelling END TIMES NOW where they once yelled “end times soon”.
and the transmission-detritus of automated militaries takes up more bandwidth now,
so that a lot of frequencies are just pulses of rising white static,
digital codexes announcing the status of various watching and killing machines.
and the ham-radio dads talk to each other all night long.
about their dying wives and what they ate for lunch and what they’ll do with their guns when antifa comes.

this record is about all of us waiting for the end.
all current forms of governance are failed.
this record is about all of us waiting for the beginning,
and is informed by the following demands=
empty the prisons
take power from the police and give it to the neighbourhoods that they terrorise.
end the forever wars and all other forms of imperialism.
tax the rich until they’re impoverished.

much love to all the other lost and lovely ones,
these are death-times and our side has to win.
we’ll see you on the road once the numbers fall.

xoxoxox god’s pee
montreal, quebec, kanada
1 march, 2021 

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