Elon Musk Gives Idealist Futurist Far Right Capitalists Second Take As He Vows to Purchase Disney – But Only To Create the World’s Largest My Little Brony Studio of Explicit Cartoons

I am thinking maybe now that these guys aren’t the saviors against perversion and decadence I thought they were, and maybe just on their own trip of decadence and perversion? I dunno man. I am having feelings about capitalism controlling so much of my life and wanting to find things that I like.. you know.. for me… instead of wanting someone else to take charge of the whole world. I… after I saw Musk give that press conference with the ponies in costume… I gotta… I gotta take some time.

RELATED NEWS: Ben Shapiro is a furry.

Cardi B, Billie Eilish Dubbed Tools of Satan by Republican-Endorsed Candidate for Michigan Secretary of State

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