Is Tucker Carlson Right? Is Kevin McCarthy a ‘Democrat Puppet’ For Leaked Audio Concerned about Jan 6th Violence? Or Is Someone who Showed Conscience But Repented Now Fully Ready to Attack America for Fascism Exactly the GOP Leader We Need?

Is Tucker Carlson right? Do the leaked tapes that show Kevin McCarthy was upset about the violence and death of Jan 6th, even concerned the rabid crowd wielding nooses clearly showed that no one and nothing was safe under Trump’s leadership against American institutions mean McCarthy isn’t STRONG enough to lead the GOP to conquer America and overthrow democracy for right wing fascism?

Tucker wants a GOP that NEVER questions the use of violence and insanity to gain absolute power. But I feel maybe the McCarthy’s show of conscience and human feeling, which he then REPENTED when he realized the death tide of Trumpism was unstoppable and a raging blood flood of violence in America was INEVITABLE.. means that he is EXACTLY the type of leader the GOP needs. Someone who was human BUT SAID NO, we don’t need human feeling, we need to all bend the knee and put on the uniform and fight fight fight!

That rationality and humanity has no place in the future of the GOP. He saw the darkness, and he is walking head long into it.

I for one feel that is more emblamatic for the death cult that the GOP now is and makes a great leader of people looking to sell their souls for allegiance to an army of anti-Democracy and striving for the total power over the devil’s lost earth. The anti-christ needs soldiers who are proud to give up their faith, and Tucker needs to welcome the most lowly, craven, pathetic of us into the fold, and not crush us for our former feelings of brotherhood and sympathy and love.

Just my 2 cents.


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