Viral Campaign Congratulating GOP On Successful Insurrection – Send Letters to Your GOP Reps!

Americans have mixed feelings about the Jan 6th insurrection, some saying it wasn’t a big deal or that we should move on or even reelect those who tried to overthrow the will of the voters, because when someone takes a shot at you, you always give them another shot to finish you off for good, it’s just fair play. And Americans all believe in fair play! So let’s look at a letter writing campaign that Americans can undertake if they take issue with the GOP giving Kevin McCarthy a standing ovation for overthrowing his own conscience and coming back to the fold of anti-American violence where the GOP is now firmly planted heading into 2022 and beyond. Edited by Cyberpunk Author and Amateur Philosopher Cypress Butane of – Follow me on insta / tiktok @thehauntedtypewriter

Letter Writing Campaign To Begin Sending GOP Officials Unmarked Notes Reading Simply ‘All Enemies Foreign and Domestic’ In The Mail after Republicans Give Kevin McCarthy Standing Ovation for Failing to Take a Stand Against Trump After Jan. 6

Write to your senator today and let them know that Americans are not going to the gas chambers in complete silence and obedience.

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