If you Criticize Elon Musk, You Must ‘Hate Freedom’ – How George W Bush Remains the Right’s Greatest Philosopher and Logician

Ellen came out as gay on tv just about 20 years, and it was a huge cultural event. Now Ellen sits with war criminal George W Bush at a baseball game arm in arm. Elon Musk wants to buy the media control to make sure LGBTQ rights areturned back 50 in the name of high tech space conservativism. It’s a funny game we’re playing.

Ellen DeGeneres explains friendship with George W. Bush: “We’re all different … that’s OK”

If you are rich you will likely still be allowed to make the choices you want, like name your kids X27nitrobooster without Ron DeSantis attacking your business for being a ‘groomer’. Musk is part of the team, and the culture war is still largely a class war. Have a great day, for in the future, none of us are safe from being labeled groomer by the elite. The death camp awaits you as much as anyone.

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