The surpreme court is inspring. In America now any minority view can become dominant and force us all to live under its personal views based on nothing more than feeling

The new court gives me hope that we can look forward to a hodge podge of dictatorship styles in the future as the protections of the constitution for rational government evaporate and we are in open war against each other for dominance and control. God bless. #PersecuteWhoThouWilt

I think this will do a great deal to, even though I believe in God and was hoping this type of escalation wouldn’t make it happen like this.. there will be a persecution of religious types who don’t understand the constititution and attempts to control people based on them falsely CLAIMING the authority of God, specifically to HURT other people, will soon make I guess many of God’s followers realize that is not going to win them any arguments. It will likely make people run from ‘God’s Love’ with legitimate fear of what you claim it means – you controlling them based on your own bullshit.

If you want people to experience God’s love I’m thinking getting into high office and declaring everyone but you an egregious shit who you get to take powerful force over based on your limited view of the world – is not the best way to ‘spread the love’. But what do I know. I am just a slave in the new theocracy. I don’t have the favor of God’s high council. I’m not as pious as a Mitch McConnell or a Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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