When Your Government and Elites Serve No Real Purpose in Your Life But To Constantly Threaten Your Safety and Aggravate You Through A News Cycle of Madness, You Need to Find Your Own Clarity

More and more all governments are looking like Putin telling you they are here for your protection while they are bombing your city, killing your friends and family, and digging a mass grave while complaining that you are watching Disney movies. What you need to do is embrace the madness, be constantly angry and eager to kill- wait no.

I have no idea how to actually live in times like this. But for starters, you need to realize you are no more insane than anyone else, so long as you keep the feces smeared on your wall to a minimum. (Most people aren’t managing that much and you hate to see it.) Find your foundation, believe in something. Run the fuck away as often as possible. Gain the skills of an escape artists. Learn magic, play music. What else you gonna do. Don’t kill yourself, that’s what they want you to do. Just have some fun. Fun like an instrument of death praying for war. #FullMetalJacket Big Willie Style.

what is YOUR major malfunction. seek out mutual aid and stay sane. find a community. lick the blood from the knife if you are thirsty and need nutrients. dance like no one is watching.

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