Child Abuse Probes into Parents of Transgender Kids May Soon Be Followed by Probes into Parents Who Teach Their Kids to Worship a Man Who Rose From the Dead 2000 Years Ago Upon Eternal Punishment if they Don’t Follow 10 Rules Written By the Sky

Hide your kids, hide your wife, the state is coming for you.

“These parents are claiming they are raising their children with love and teaching them good things about how to live, but… I wonder if they even believe in God. They seem more to want to let everyone ELSE know they are Christians and are torturing their kids with this indoctrination where there is very little about love or God to be seen.” And the transgenderism? I asked. “Oh, I don’t see how that is anything to do with the state,” said the Christian politician.

Texas Supreme Court OKs state child abuse inquiries into the families of trans kids

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