Far Left Radical Nancy Pelosi Invokes ‘Purge’ Rules Suspending Rule of Law Across America Pending Cooperation by GOP with Jan. 6th Committee Subpoenas

READ: The Monitor: The Punk Album that Predicted Our Politics “As a Nation of Free Men, We Shall Live Forever – OR DIE BY SUICIDE”

“You think I am fucking around!? You little fucking weasels?! You think I am the same corporate backed corrupt shit stain as the rest of yous willing to stand by and let this country fall through the cracks of this dying earth into the very pit of hell!! AHH YOU DON’T KNOW ME! I am not just going to rip up the speech of your shit lord, I’m – I’m going to –” she seemed to fumble and look for something to shake, and then screamed gutterally and ripped the skin off her face– tearing it in half before the stunned senate and then smacking her hands clean in a ‘job well done’ gesture.

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