“Here’s Why I’m So Bloody Obsessed With Free Speech..” Jordan Peterson Releases New Video In Support of Free Speech Amid Growing Rise in Sneak Attacks by Larger Conservative Movement to Obliterate it Completely

Peterson’s interview here is with a representative from ‘The Hoover Institute’ which I believe is a staunchly conservative institution with funding, some kind of think tank deal out there in the infosphere making poorly attended youtube lectures about college admissions statistics racial slanting and how maybe white people are being discriminated against by the terrible scourge of perception of CONTEXT, or actually I don’t care.

This posting of Jordan Peterson coincides with Ron DeSantis cutting off ALL access to kids in Florida schools for digital library access from public libraries. Consistency would indicate if you are concerned with free speech, you should be hell bent against the GOP.

I agree with pretty much everything you said here JP. Incidentally, I also agree with the people who showed up to protest your lectures based on the things you had freely spoken about your relationship to respecting transgender people or NOT respecting transgender people via controlling your langauge. The greatest example of free speech and consequence is the movie ‘Talk Radio’ (1988). One is free to tell the truth. Other people are also free to kill people for telling their truth if they take issue with it. That is the nature of reality. It’s like Sartre’s saying “the truth is like finding out one is free, but free within a prison.”

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