Random Funny Thoughts from CyberDystopia – Elon Musk is Like if CITIZEN ‘I Think Owning a Newspaper Would be Fun’ KANE had a Crossover With TV Mike Winning Wonka’s Factory (#THEUNIONFOREVER!)

Also makes me think of this SNL vid of the legacy rappers today with their great cultural knowledge of music and hip hop.

Oh, and a funny complaint someone had of Dune (the SNL vid has Timothee Chalomet) that they disliked the film version of Dune because Muad’dib in the movie only had like one type of ‘Space Autism’ when the character in the book clearly had five or six. I read the book still meaning to watch the movie.

I am worried about how watching a movie about a son making his father proud might influence my philosophical bent at this current moment of patriarchal terrorism tho. You see I am very sensitive due to my several types of space autism. Yeet Skrt.

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