Ever Since They Outlawed Sin

The witches used to bother me

Temptation was a scourge

Now weekly they have trials

And my neighbors go t’ purge

If you feel a bit funny

They dunk her nice and deep

If she drowns she’s saved, forgive us

If she comes back up, she’ weak

So we burn those who dare cross us

And it all comes out awash

In the holy smokes of delegation

from on high, you watch

Ever since they outlawed sinning

Things are going right as planned

All the good folks fallin’ in line

all the big folks making plans

I don’t mind, just being a fella

who likes his women, wine, and God

They give me my fill of all those

and the women drag along

I always took pride in being one of

the strong men of the flock

And if the complaints of firey types

disagree with my superstitious bones

Who act up when I sense storms coming

And move slowly, slow to rise

That one fellow who looked crooked

Went along, but… in his eyes

There was a time, like waiting, like knowing

Like the storm’s already here

And then he went out on the water

He neither drowned, nor rose again

Simply walked and whispered: “Fear”

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