Missouri Gun Advocates Partnering With Armories To Give Away Free Weapons to Homeless Following Parson’s New Law Criminalizing Sleeping On Public Land

“The new law criminalizes existing – Parsons doesn’t offer support for homeless people but makes it a crime to exist as a homeless person, so we are taking direct action to protect these people. If Parson’s can’t feed or house his citizens, we can arm them against threat of unjust state harassment,” says Steve Ditko, owner of ‘Friendly Neighborhood Firearms” on Uncle Ben Drive in Downtown Kansas City.

People across Missouri are contributing to a local fund to ‘ARM THE HOMELESS’ in defense of these people as well. “Many are average Americans who haven’t done anything wrong but have been screwed by wall street and big business. Many are veterans. These are Americans. They have rights. You mess with Spidey you mess with all of us.”

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