Teaching Kids About Real World in School = GROOMER – Evangelical Ignorance, Grubby Maliciousness Forced On Privacy, Sacred Right, OTHERS BODIES BY FORCE = ‘WOMBER’

Are you a groomer, do you take care of your personal space, brush your teeth, shower regularly and mind your business without spittle spleching all over other peoples faces with a cop standing y to asser your right to do so – are you an evil gROOMER?

Or do you support rapists rights and like to hide behind the law to spy into people’s bedrooms and force your minority views to enact suffering onto your neighbors because it makes you feel like less of a port of spilling piss? A holy rolling WOMBER? Please don’t shoot me I will get off your porch, yes, I will build a wall but wish you weren’t my neighbor sorry for bothering you go back to your couch and Fox news. Sorry– please don’t— shoot no oh god… the blood, ahh… oh no I warned you! Your genitals just clear ripped off and flew away thanks to my magic trangender mutant powers!

God Bless America

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