Thank Trump! ‘Victory For White Life!’ – Plan For Post-Roe Orphans: Border-Style Cages For Non-White Babes, Trump-Patriotic-Military “Farms” For White Babes – How We M.A.G.A.!

GOP candidate Mary Miller’s “gaffe” on stage with Trump thanking him for overturning Roe and his ‘victory for white life’ is great news for America. Thanks to Jesus’s own supreme court there will now be money for religious public schools – pushing Trump and the Divine Faultless America where slavery was good for those wayward black souls to get them to pull up their britches and stop shooting our law officers and where Trump is respected as even BETTER than Lincoln!

Many grouches out there are complaining that promiscuous women will be getting pregnant and ‘suffering’ through unwanted MIRACLES – but if they give up their young future Trump soldiers to adoption – good news! GOP crusaders have the budget to lead the way – bad cities with their dark forces will have their evil ‘safety nets’ cut out from under them so the devil can tumble back to the deep, and in the GOOD PLACES the Lord’s own BRIGHTNESS will be provided a CLEAR PATH to be lifted to the light! Jesus didn’t give us our hands and hearts to lift up evil! But to sort out the wheat from the chaff, and thanks to the LORDLY and INFALLIBLE great SAINTS IN HOLY ROBES we finally have on GOD’S SUPREME COURT!!! THE? POWER IS OURS TO BRING END TIMES!! WE DON’T NEED THE? EPA!! THIS WORLD IS NOT MY HOME!! BRING ON THE FIRES!! HEAVEN IS COMING SOON! HALLELUJAH!

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