Prayer for the Highland Prodigal Wolf

If you look through these pages

torn withered leaves, whispered meanings

dissolving on bloodsoaked screaming

terror filled streets

viewed from the roof top of your


your high definite

touchless screens

you will not find me

among the lost, among the angry

i am gone

with the things i let go

from the weapons i choose

from the heart that dissolves

with the no ones i know

with the end of the world

like i song i don’t know

before the world and my heart could begin

i fell out, dropped below

i sympathize, with everything, in these dark deep woods

it’s why i dig in the dirt – because my understanding is the sorrow

and the days end and the tempest

some heartbeats pulse inside me and say ‘no tomorrow’

which is why i dress up

and go out

to seek my loneliness and violent needs

without a will to decieve

without a hope up my sleeve

and why i make the terrible mistakes

that bring the world to its knees

who am i?

red and white stripes

that shy androgynous geek with the nihilist view in the glasses you beat

till i break

– Waldo, lost (4 – July – 22)

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