Anything Not Explicitly Spelled Out ‘In The Constitution’ Now To Be Decided By 6 People: How the Current Supreme Court Is Destroying Constitution To Rule By Whim

“Abortion isn’t in the constitution” – neither are assault rifles? But if the court decided tomorrow there is no right to carry assault rifles under the constitutional second amendment because ‘they are not in the constitution’ many right wingers might have an issue. However, the current court has ‘put this issue back to the states’ on abortion by actually saying there is no right to privacy of medical decisions – or privacy in general, when they decide there isn’t – which has consequences for everyone, not just women the right would like to see punished and ‘drink the tears’ of, and campaign on.

Accepting this current court’s decisions will harm everyone. I do not think this court is interested in anything but power, and even fostering civil unrest actively – to help bring about a corporate / extremist / authoritarian America where anyone not ‘in the club’ has very few rights, less options, and no legal recourse to escape from their ‘judgements’. The ‘us vs them’ that lets you cheer against women forced to carry children they don’t want, 10 year old rape victims forced to flee their home state (while that remains legal and not a punishable crime) – is going to come back and bite you in the ass as well.

Protesting extremist SCOTUS judges while they eat steak dinners is not unexpected. Accepting insane judgements from on high to live by the beliefs of others you don’t share is as UnAmerican as it gets – and I think the American action is to openly defy the Supreme Court’s overturning Roe Vs. Wade and do everything you can to protect people’s freedom to choice what happens with their own lives, bodies, and futures. This isn’t going away. 6 people do not control billions. If nothing else, you should understand what strange elites trying to tell you what you can and can’t do means for how you feel.

Treat your fellow Americans with respect. The government will hate it.

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