Contemplating Religious Orthodoxy As Found Guidebooks Written by Mental Illness Saints In The Course of Reality Breaks – A Poem

by Cypress Butane

It is all a mirror if one stares with the eyes

Is it a sin to cut my hair

I could get a tattoo but damn

What does it mean – if I write upon my flesh the word

‘Impermanence’ – For this world, this time

Permanent, La La Lee,

I spin around in circles to the music that gives


I keep the lights on all night and the war with the neighbors rages by candlelight

Like a tiger in the desert, the police on the waves call over, dispute at the borders of

Reform and Funding for the Correct Lines of Sanctimony, Discipleship, Order,

Conformity to the Law

I dress in rags and wander among the poor,

I want to gather all of them, every one, up unto me

I want to overthrow every tall thing to bring God down to earth

to me,

the world goes mad

as a step in line with the song inside my head

the fetus is not sacred

the fetus is me

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