“When I Hear The Liberal Media Tell Me The Sequoias May Burn” – A Poem

The fires rise, once in a thousand years

every summer now

once in a millennia

the end of days over the A.M. band tells me in my basement rocking recliner

that the dust and smell and stain

someday will rise to heaven

and there is no need to fear – but every fear

and I laugh at the derision, and I sip my whiskey and leer

The great mammoth stalks by my cracked frame windows

the sabre tooth cat sits upon the sill and her tail flicks at the

broken glass

and the cave men tell me they hear nothing

but the conservation of long maths

and when I see the old gods dying

and the sky reaching down fingers of flame

if I see the sequoias lying, overtoppled, in ashes, all the same

I will understand all those who call in drunk

and scream to the crass and wicked dj

endgame, endgame

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