How to Support People in States Where Abortion Is Under Threat – My Thoughts / Reblog from Wired

Abortions will always be available for the wealthy, who will travel to where they are available, or receive them illicitly without prosecution. In states where they are now illegal (which I believe is unconstitutional as it violates the separation of church and state imposing religious views on others liberties without justification) many cannot travel to states where it remains legal, and the GOP also just blocked a measure that would prevent laws that are coming down the pipe to make it a crime to do just that. Which is batshit crazy, but what we face. I don’t believe any law that punishes this should be followed. I think these laws are arbitrary, based on religion, and not justifiable under the constitution and therefore there is no duty to the state to follow them or if one is a law officer or civil servant to enforce them. I think we should protect women and defy these laws en masse. I do n ot respect this current extreme court as legitimate and think it is time for extreme protesting and direct action to protect at risk people.

This article from WIRED magazine gives information on some ways you can help today.

Donating to national organizations is great. But these local reproductive health care services—in places under immediate threat—could use your help, too.

How to Support People in States Where Abortion Is Under Threat

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