What Does It Mean to Be American Today? Contending for Political Justice in A System Where One Party Supports Political Violence to Take Control Against the Will of Democracy

The GOP still largely considers Trump their leader going forward. A man who attacked our nation to cling to power after being voted out of office. The GOP is largely caught up with pushing forward that man’s leadership then, which is based on lies undermining the very foundation of democracy, while the sane and civilized among us hope the ground doesn’t simply fall out from under us at any given moment. And the ‘rival’ political party on the other end of this madness has been shown to have good intentions and even some positive achievements, but is stifled by the likes of Manchin and yes, Pelosi, and others who are either bought and sold or has no recognition that the threads that puppeteer them against their citizens that they thrive upon are the very thin thread that we all hang over the abyss from. Their corruption is our lifeline, and the fires are rising as fast as Pinocchio can dream of becoming a real democracy.

Whatever you do, do not be woke. Sleep on. Close your eyes. It will all be over soon.

“And I love Dr. King but violence might be necessary .”

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