Mad Max Writers Reveal Joe Manchin is In Fact the Prequel Arc of The Water-Hoarding Psychotic Wasteland King ‘Immortan Joe’ and His Policies Make Perfect Sense to Ring In A Dog Eat Dog Thunderdome Based Society

It has been revealed, to the relief of many who were consternated that an American politician could get away with open plotting against American citizens own interests for his own personal profit, that Joe Manchin is in fact a marketing ploy – an actor playing a character in a viral campaign. Joe Manchin’s pretend blocking of species saving necessary climate change legislation is not the nightmare of capitalism destroying democracy and leading us all to a nightmare scenario where the masses fight for water amid a world on fire in storm and fury – but merely a prolonged advertisement and prequel event to the Mad Max franchises next installment. It was revealed this week that ‘Joe Manchin’ is in fact the beloved desert warlord tyrant IMMORTAN JOE – they are one and the same.

The next film in the franchise teaser dropped today and is titled ‘Coal Dust Diamond Riot’ – a dark tale about a world going over the brink, heading into the fall- setting up the original Mad Max Mel Gibson films. Politicians strive for profit while the world falls into ruin, until things become so bad that people have no recourse but to fight for their survival in the streets and the government and society collapse – but some who crave authority and cannot fend for themselves take comfort in the same politicians who doomed them, and Joe Manchin changes in his mumbly deflecting act for placing the blame of the fall of the world onto those who ‘never learned the lesson of the past’. Of course, he is becoming IMMORTAN JOE, and saying people need to fight for their survival and become more brutal, beastly, uncivil, which was his greatest fear as a weak cruel and ultimately human-life destroying politician – that people realize their life is largely in their own hands and politics is a game of the rich and privileged that can often do nothing in the face of true crisis.

Explaining the scene in Mad Max: Fury Road, the director said the women stealing back their children scrawling on his slave pens ‘our children will not grow up to be warlords’ show this dichotomy in its full essence – the desire to protect a world and innocence, against the reality that cruelty and violence does often achieve results and will forever be a part of the world and our nature.

The new film will explore IMMORTAN JOE’S RISE and the script is a look inside why even those who are against the ‘politics of power’ and ‘the ways of violence and force’ will still be subject to them. And how it is hard to be noble and stand tall for justice, when one is dying of thirst and watching everyone you love die.

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