Trouble in Midterms for GOP? Shake Up Among Independent Support for GOP as Some Hate Gay People, Some Hate Black People, But Are Unsure About Leaving Decision of Romantic Partner Up To Their Local Representative! Many, It Seems Would Prefer to Choose Themselves.

Many are still unsure about turning complete control of their lives over to the high court and the increasingly radical authoritarian GOP, despite their shared hatred for the queer community and any trend of positive race relations occurring among their fellow Americans.

Some independents even break with the party on the core issue of siding with the government in deciding how racist they should be as decided by the local sheriff’s office and roving squads of young Neo-Nazis VERSUS simply choosing for themselves and keeping their opinions more on their sleeve.

This really could shake up support for a GOP that has increasingly relied on hatred and division to grow their brand – to the point that the division could now be – affecting them!

Back to you, Charles.

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