Tucker Carlson Calculates With His Dealer How Much Cocaine He Will Need to Convince His Interracially Wedded Viewers To Support Making Interracial Marriage Illegal

‘This is why God put me on earth, to convince people down is up. To make happy people insane and want to make their lives focused on the terror of being alive with none of the serenity or joy in sight.” A prostitute shot a dry-burst Supersoaker XP50-AP full of cocaine into his face and he sneezed onto her bare breasts before telling the Fox cameras he was ready for air. “This is what I do, baby. You love it. Tell me you love it.”

“I’m doing this for you, my little poor abandoned bow-tie affectation that was the only thing in this world I truly loved, up their looking down on me from Roger’s office. Fox shitshow, good for what Ailes you. Bring on the hicks. Roll tape.”


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