Will Belief in God Survive the Religious Right?

I believe in God (technically it doesn’t count as faith because we have met several times, but anyway that’s another post.) My work in fiction largely focuses on technology’s collisions with spirituality, aiming to find a path for spirituality to survive the over-technology-saturated life we have and the scientism and reductionism that has our culture in a kind of fight of flight culture shock of immediatism at the same time as detachment from our own being.

Will the attacks of the religious right on some many people, thinking largely of younger people who don’t know what to make of God, turn people off to the idea altogether?

I know numbers of believers are dropping and proclaimed atheists are on the rise, but I believe – to believe in God one must experience God – through people, and nature, and one’s lived experience of the world. And I do not see the new theocratic right wing ‘Religious’ movement offering much light and love to the world that would GAIN any believers, only intensify zealotry, even violence, “in God’s name.”

Also have you seen this new video game where you play as a cat. It’s called Stray. I want to play it but don’t think I actually can. Seeing a virtual cat die over and over that I have a connection to might change my relationship to my own cats. Subsequently ‘killing’ something in me. Anyway, thanks for coming to my Ted talks.

The word of the day is ‘virginities’

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