Knowing What We Know of Trumpism and Where it Has Led… How Forcefully Must Ron DeSantis Condemn the Nazis On Parade Supporting His Political Ambitions?

A politician as extremist as Donald Trump but with less self-destructive hangups and behavior could lead America into full on fascism. If Nazis are marching in Americas Streets declaring they want DeSantis to be President, what does this tell us about Ron DeSantis’s politics, despite his camouflage from the brain-dead right wing media base?

Can a candidate of the Post-Trump GOP rise to power again in the U.S. by appealing to claims to be out protecting our children from ‘LGBTQ extremism’ and ‘critical race theory’ walk the line and find support if he is in fact a hatemonger and white supremacist? Would some people know the difference any longer given the political environment and lack of historical knowledge in our discourse?

Remember, Hitler was elected in Germany. Tucker Carlson surely dreams of being the next Goebbels. If you can see it coming, it ain’t far off.

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