Trump is Likely Going to Prison, Will Ron DeSantis Move On As a Smarter GOP-Nazi Leader, Or Will He Vow to Get Trump Out of Jail and Take On The Baggage to Gain the Base? (A Nietzcshean Perspective On the ‘Culture’ Wars)

Censorship, Bigotry, Anti-Constitutional Controls over our lives, – Trump may go away but the GOP will likely continue. So there are choices to be made. SCOTUS has a terrible credibility rating – but it is a stronghold of Anti-Democratic power for the right. How will the field play out after Trump is out of the mix?

I maintain it remains up to the Democrats to take over the classic role of the Conservatives – to reassure against federal overreach, to promote individual freedoms based in the constitution, and to revive the Democratic message of working class strength. The contradictions of the scatological ‘conservative’ far right are still apt to swallow us all in a black hole of authoritarian governance and endless civil unrest. But that doesn’t mean I trust authority or welcome an internet censorship board or want citizens to give up their guns if they haven’t committed crimes.

The GOP will never rule over a peaceful American society again. That much is clear, they have pushed over the edge and cannot understand that society is about balance or is it about open conflict. It remains to be seen if there is a future without them as well however. One party rule is its own danger, and the Democrats have their own deep corruption issues.

Without theocracy, ARE WE the godless opioid addicts stupefied in our Walmart parking lot that subtexts every right wing complaint?

We are due for the old gods to awake, the pagan revival the Christians who destroyed Rome the first time around that was prophesied in Nietzsche’s mental hospital bed as he died insane. God bless Chaos.

Keep your lamp wicks trimeed and burning.

Taking communion remains inevitable. Keep the bread alive or chew the corpse till it poisons you whole. This is the way. We’ve got to get out of this place. If It’s the last thing we ever do.

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