Ron DeSantis is Now Focused on The Threat of Space Rogues Befriending Talking Racoons and Aliens, as Well as Women Being Powerful Witches and Marrying Artificial Intelligences Created by S.H.I.E.L.D.

“Wanda Maximov was a beautiful woman before the Avengers and Disney made her into a witch who loved a benevolent strong A.I. android. Am I right?” The crowd at DeSantis latest rally cheered while some members of the crowd in Guardians of the Galaxy t-shirts got nervous as the crowd seemed to turn on them. “Listen, if my kid was bitten by a radioactive spider, I would not send him to his room to sleep it off, I would get him fIXED so he did not develop superpowers and this WOKE ideology that leads to his Uncle Ben dying while he was off at some drag queen wrestling match!”

“They think they are ready to take on the far right anti-comic book fandom,” said Ron, “but we are going to stand up!” The crowd cheered and a young child with a hulk fist was pushed to the ground. “The comic book nerds are not ready! Ron Bone-Saw DeSantis is READY!!”

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