“What About Escalation?” – When Election Deniers Win Elections

Who Watches The Watchmen? – How Concerned Should You Be If You Have An Election Denier On Your Ballot that Should They Win Your Area Will Devolve Into Open Violence? If someone gets into office, even if they are voted in on a reasonably secure election, and their campaign is based on denying election results, this obviously opens the door to anyone who wants to claiming their election was not legit and trying to overthrow them. And how could they defend against them from any point of legitimacy if many people agree that the election denier in office is full of shit and pushed lies to gain support? What are the odds Democracy survives what Trump has done to it? A man in the highest office who is not beholden to the constitution or to reality and truth –

“With the GOP voting law changes, it’s going to be a disaster. This is not going to end well. The only way we can be sure of the outcome is if antifascist citizens go to the polls, and watch very closely. The ensure your constitutional rights are being fairly exercised.” – All of these are literal quotes from Trump about the 2020 election, just updated for 2022. The damage is done. Can the GOP ever run a peaceful society again so long as they back Trumpism?

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