“Stand Up and Just Say What You Have to Say” – Jordan Peterson Stands up the Man Who Has to Take a Diversity Training Course.

“Better Delivery. Better Pizza. Eat My Pizza N***ers” PAPA JOHNS

All of this advice applies to women and non-white people as well, correct?

Peterson sites a man whose work place had him go to a diversity training seminar, and he said ‘no” – so he stood up and said what he had to say. A worker who has an issue with something management is doing and wants to question the leadership. Okie dokie. What do you say to someone like a CEO of a company, say… Papa Johns founder, who was more sitting down and said what he had to say, using the n-word repeatedly on a company call. Do you think that falls under his free speech and so workers, many black, in his business who didn’t want to be part of a gigantic company where their ‘leader’ was a virulent racist, should not have any problem with that and the Papa ‘eat my pizza n***ers’ John should not be questioned and get a free pass?

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