Voices Understanding and Calling For Recognition of the Current Supreme Court’s Legitimacy Crisis Become Louder

This court is illegimate or would be if more people understood the honest underpinings of their decisions. The supreme court did not say anything in their decision to scrap Roe about the value of the life of a fetus along the nature of granting it definition under ‘life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ which would make sense to a judgement taking rights from a woman to preference the fetus – they did no such thing, and in fact there were provisions in ROE that made restrictions on abortion due to the nature of abortion having to do with a human fetus. Instead this court made their ruling on very different grounds which takes away rights of everyone to control their own bodies. EVERYONE. By claiming the privacy clause does not cover abortion as the main justification for overturning Roe. I honestly feel the court’s judgement promotes certain people having an argument that they can, if they are powerful or rich enough to, to more legitimately kidnap and kill, perhaps to take organs in some future world if they feel they are more deserving. That is the court as I see it.

“The 2022 Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson’s Women’s Health Organization overturned Roe v. Wade (1973) and its progeny and declared that the court no longer considered abortion to be a constitutional right as part of an individual’s right to privacy from government interference.” Because of the dubious argument put forth with this ruling, this opens the door to all manner of government interference into every single American’s personal bodily autonomous choices.

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