Jordan Peterson / Ben Shapiro New Video: ‘The Human Heart Demands an Adventure’ – My Response – Cypress Butane

I am antifascist – antifa – what is Peterson talking about two pink shopping bags? I don’t understand this reference? This is an incomplete story to say the least – and what makes him think that punk kid, which he viewed as being ashamed of standing there, would want to go fight in a war overseas and view that as meaningful? I think our society as it stands, our adventure is individual based and small community based, collectives, affinity groups, and Peterson wants to try to collectivize people on the level of some larger collective that he identifies alignment with corporatism, right wing / elitism / anti-worker interests / anti-feminist / and anti-individual rights all too often.

Ben chastises those who turn to irrationalism but in fact there is no other argument against his ideological framework of dominating the discourse with the topos ‘facts don’t care about your feelings’ OTHERWISE than to stand up straight and scream, NO, my feelings DO matter, I defy your cold logic that says my life must bend to your views, which I have logical disagreements with that you attempt to shout down in the name of YOUR logic. So.

Peterson paints environmentalists as ‘antihumanists’ GENERALLY, though he qualifies of course, of course, but then talks about nature and GENERALIZES that nature is ‘trying to make you ill and kill you at all times’ – is it though? Or is this the psychological position of someone who is insecure in their being in the world possibly from a childhood where they felt not secure. And what is the goal of this positional belief towards nature’s ontic essence? Is nature in this view coequal with God? Reality? The whole of everything? Does this mean God is trying to strike me with disease and kill me at all times? What does this position say about the ground of my ethics, aesthetics, and epistemological stylings… How can I know anything if I believe everything is out to get me?

The human heart demands an adventure –

This is why we have video games and Star Trek. Recommended reading:

Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World

Jane McGonigal

Also recommend some tacit life experience involving entheogens.

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