Conservative Supreme Court Majority Rules Against Jesus the Fisherman and His Twelve Followers vs the Fish and Wildlife Department for Crossing Borders Illegally and Fishing Without a License

The young Jesus represented himself against the court but the case was swiftly decided by the current conservative majority of the court. “The fish along the border are state property and you are not a citizen is that correct sir?” “No, m’am we were not fishing for fish, you see, we are fishers of men.”

“So that was not indicated in our paperwork, you are saying you are coyotes, traffickers searching for people to kidnap?”

“No, M’am, we are fishers of men, seeking to save souls, reaching out to men to save them from the Devil’s hands.”

“The Devil, I suppose you mean ICE, is this a democratic agenda are you paid by the Biden administration?”

“I am doing my Father’s work.”

“And who is your father, George Soros? I’ve heard enough.”


“You and your followers will be reprimanded to a lower court for sentencing in the meantime you will be held without bail in a secure border facility. Next case please, we are hearing important cases to protect corporate rights and can’t be bothered with these noise polluters.”

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