Jordan Peterson Discusses Personal Fetishes

What is your definition of fetish? I know that psychology has extensive texts on this terms, and that it is not a casual word in psychology. Could one consider it a fetish for instance to want people to perceive one as a mass media intellectual while seeking to disseminate one’s ideas of controlling the behavior of others through moralistic ideological derogation of those who creatively non-conform – a ‘fetish’?

“The fetish is a substitute for the woman’s (the mother’s) penis that the little boy once believed in and for reasons familiar to us does not want to give up … for if a woman had been castrated, then his own possession of a penis was in danger” – (Sigmund Freud, Fetishism)

Peterson should discuss sexual fetishes more and address how subversion is an enticement and an increase of desire in many fantasies and sexual fetishes. In a sense by blanket claiming that trans people are sick, unwholesome, and part of some conspiracy he is increasing the desire of trans identity. I think he might benefit from a more pragmatic approach and certainly young people would benefit from a less salacious covering of these topics. Trans people exist, and shall continue to be part of our society.

This made me think of one of my favorite artists the talk of compassion becoming a devouring force – Do you all know Laura Jane Grace of Against Me, her new band called ‘Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers’ they are worth checking out.

As an artist fantasy superceding reality means i am doing a good job. I love trans people, I also believe in God. Love one another. Art is whatever you can get away with.

“–But that is wrong: that is the great mistake everyone makes. Art is not an escape from life! – No? –You evidently weren’t listening to what I said or else you didn’t understand what I said. Art is not an escape from life. It’s just the opposite. Art, on the contrary, is the very central expression of life. An artist is not a fellow who dangles a mechanical heaven before the public. The priest does that. The artist affirms out of the fulness of his own life, he creates … Do you understand?” – JAMES JOYCE

Peterson mentions dominance and submission play and says ‘which you often see more dominant hyper masculine men attracted to” – what about submissive men or men who are switch or men into female domination? Do you see this as a hyper masculine trait then with this comment? honest question, or are you trying to delineate sexual behaviors only according to your preconceived notions and denying behaviors that present themselves, in favor of your narrative? One of the biggest tropes in media is powerful/business men who behind closed doors seek absolute submission and humiliaton from a female dominatrix… ?

What is the actual topic of this discussion and might it not be better focused if it were labeled clearly ‘why I personally dislike trans people’ rather than ‘let’s discuss transgender issues’ – or at least focused on whatever is actually in this woman’s book?

Peterson is pushing the very necessary message on easily influenced minds that the entire culture is poison out to get them because it’s postmodernism which is a philosophy he half understands but is a large school of thought some tactics he seems to have gleaned enough to use deconstruction in a way to destroy truth and attack opponents to make his narrative seem stronger and discount others point of view… also postmodernism is evolved from Marxism in his claim so his right wing anti-working class views are pushed through a lens of any personal attack on young white men is a conspiracy of the left, upending any real contextual analysis other than conspiracy minded assault… there’s a mix of misogyny, subtle pseudointellectual white supremacy veils, umm, anti-trans hatred promoted as protection of children while he targets adults in the media and calls doctors doing their job criminals… speaking for free speech while complaining when people call him out for using his massive platform to simply target others because they are not sexually attractive to him so they don’t deserve media representation- claiming that representation is a threat to western civilization… there’s more but that’s a good start…

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