Elon Musk Pays 44 Billion Dollars for Very Public A Display of His Fragile Male Ego. “Be Gentle, My Enormous Hypocrisy Cost me 44 Billion Dollars. Try Not To Break It On The First Day.”



Refus­ing To Be A Man – Propaghandi

I’m not going to try to tell you that I’m different from all the rest. I’ve been subject to the same de-structure of desire and I’ve felt the same effects; I’m a hetero-sexist tragedy. And potential rapists all are we. But don’t tell me this is natural. This is nurturing. And there’s a difference between sexism and sexuality. I had different desires prior to my role-remodelling. And at six years of age you don’t challenge their claims. You become the same. (Or withdraw from the game and hang your head in shame). I think that’s exactly what I did. I tried to sever the connections between me and them. I fought against their further attempts to convince a kid that birthright can bestow the power to yield the subordination of women and do you know what patricentricity means? I found out just a couple of days/months/years/minutes ago. It means male values uber alles and hey! Whaddaya know… sex has been distorted and vilified. I’m scared of my attraction to body types. If everything desired is objectified then maybe eroticism needs to be redefined. And I refuse to be a “man.”

Dear Coaches Corner – Propaghandi

Dear Ron MacLean
Dear Coach’s Corner
I’m writing in order for someone to explain to my niece the distinction
Between these mandatory pre-game group rites of submission
And the rallies at Nuremburg
Specifically the function the ritual serves
In conjunction with what everybody knows is in the end a kid’s game
I’m just appealing to your sense of fair play
When I say she’s puzzled by the incessant pressure for her
To not defy the collective will, and yellow ribboned lapels
As the soldiers inexplicably rappel down from the arena rafters
(Which, if not so insane, would be grounds for screaming laughter)
Dear Ron MacLean, I wouldn’t bother with these questions
If I didn’t sense some spiritual connection
We may not be the same but it’s not like we’re from different planets
We both love this game so much we can hardly fucking stand it
Alberta-born and prairie-raised
Seems like there ain’t a sheet of ice north of Fargo I ain’t played
From Penhold to the Gatineau, every fond memory of childhood
That I know is somehow connected to the culture of this game
I can’t just let it go
But I guess it comes down to what kind of world you want to live in
And if diversity is disagreement, and disagreement is treason
Well don’t be surprised if we find ourselves reaping a strange
And bitter fruit that sad old man beside you keeps feeding to young minds as virtue
It takes a village to raise a child but just a flag to raze the children
Until they’re nothing more than ballast for fulfilling a madman’s dream of a paradise Where complexity is reduced to black and white
How do I protect her from this cult of death

Look at your little monster
I’m a hero
I’m a zero
I’m the butt of the worst joke in history

I’m a lock without a key
A city with no door
A prayer without faith
A show without a score
A bad word, a wink, a nod, a shiver
An untold story
Sex without fury
A creeping gray memory

I am!

Cure me
What is the cause of my condition?
This madness
Shoots me
Like bullets smashing glass in a silent movie

I’m a trap without a spring
A temple with no god
A jack without an ace
The tip of your tongue
I’m a promise in an unmailed letter
An unbuilt motor
A deck without a joker
A creeping gray memory

I am!

Tell St. Peter not to bet on me, yeah
I’ve got a naked obsession
A good intention gone bad

I am!

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