The Midterms Results Have Two Resounding Messages: ‘Good Night and Good Luck’ and ‘At Long Last Senator, Have You No Sense of Decency?’

What does McCarthyism and the hunt for commies by the right wing in America – and the moment that movement went too far and was rebuked by common sense – say to where we are today after the 2022 midterm results?

Senator McCarthy was targeting anyone and everyone for slander saying they were communists until he went too far and labeled military officials and too many average Americans, and he was interrupted in mid-slander with ‘At Long Last, Have You No Sense of Decency?’

Anyone who is not 100% on board with the party line is labeled THE ENEMY. It’s not about ruling a society fairly, it’s about creating an elitist yes-man politburo that serves the interests of those the inquisition props up as the high priest tribunal. This is where Trumpism has fallen today. And simply trying to switch out Trump for another man like DeSantis who stands for the exact same complete corruption of governance, well, I hope to God it does not go so easily that way, that the public sees the deceit and retains the right to question authority that was built into the constitution and does not piss it away by smoke and mirror deflection of culture war heated lowest common denominator scapegoating and bigoted rabble rousing.

Read my previous writing on watching the great film on journalism in the era of McCarthyism ‘Good Night and Good Luck’:

Watching ‘Good Night and Good Luck’ about Edward Murrow and CBS v. Joseph McCarthy Provides Clarity on Principled Resistance To Hysteria That Cures Ills By Murdering Patients – And Speaks to Internet Culture Directly

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