Imagining the Minds of Trumpers Who Right Wing Media Has Kept Angry and Hungry, After Losing 2022, is Likely Making Right Wing Pundits Worry About Their Own Safety If They Make a Misstep And Can’t Deliver the Proper Food For Their Delicate Monsters

McCarthy nominated speaker in internal GOP vote but he faces conservative resistance

Shapiro, who doesn’t like Trump, is walking a tightrope saying that it’s the Democrats who are pushing Trump after 2022. Which is an interesting way of saying he feels compelled to continue support Trump even though he knows Trump is destroying the GOP. This guy has never tap-danced like this, and it will get harder.

“I said last week the first party to learn the correct lessons of the election which is that people just want sane legislation people just want not crazy people in the government, the first party to recognize that wins but apparently Democrats are not going to take that message away they’re just going to keep doubling down here.” – Ben Shapiro, 11/15/2022, above video.

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