NYC Mayor Adams Enlists NYPD to Lock Up Homeless as Mentally Ill By Force, Will Give Presser on Unfortunate Casualty of His Plan Walter Joseph Kovacs, AKA Rorschach Under Objective Care of Dr. Manhattan. “One more body amongst foundations makes little difference.”

Pharma multi-billionaire and mega donor to Republicans and Democrats ADRIAN VEIDT came out in support of the controversial program after outcry from human rights advocates. “Though they don’t have health care or any supporters, these mendicants will be treated with the respect due to citizens of the grand new world we are building together.” Some claim Veidt is using his vast resources to target those who would help the little guy on a death list, a notion which Adrian, who asked we call him ‘Ozymandias’ referred to as “comedy. More like the death of comedy, if you ask me.” Viedt says he believes in the rights of all, and absolute free speech as well, though several press resources were not permitted on his private premises for the press conference.

Most troubling to some is that Eric Adams plan has broad support from the far right and the moneyed interests of neo-liberal elitist futurists. Some mega billionaires and social engineer think tanks see the clear compassionate round up of the most marginalized – the poor and mentally ill – as the way to bring consensus back to straight power politics. FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL.

Unfortunate that some little-known staunch conservative like RORSCHACH should be caught up in these benevolent psycho-hygiene sweeps. He had some following among right wing media outlets and some expect his works to grow in readership following his compassionate, objective DISINTEGRATION by the good DR. MANHATTAN. More on this story as it develops, from the haunted typewriter, your hardhitting journalism for the nite owls and spectres… ALWAYS AMONG US.

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