A Love Poem to Lauren Boebert On Seeing Your Peerless Eyes Splash Across My TV These Past Days As You Disrupt the House of Representatives Election – By Cypress Butane

When I stare into your

Eyes behind the glasses so librarian school marm chic

and sexy – I’m struck

by the draw of power, the lure of a drive

the engines in your soft glower – how ambitious

your full throttle racing through the schemes of a rockstar

on your lusty rise to fame and power

In your past I find your pinup pics a woman in love with big guns

(and what else? big questions I would ask – )

like your fanatical love for weapons of war

how fairs the pairing with such sweet naivety

in the manner of cause and effect and

such casual disorderly conduct towards the laws of time, order, and being?

would you go with me, tonight? just you and I? To run away forever on an

anarchic parade of endless love toward those waterfalls of paradise

I know we’re told not to go chasing after them, but–

what if we didn’t listen, to what anyone ever said!?

From you I learned as much! The wisdom in ignorance

and just saying the first thing that comes into my childish heart

without thinking, without a plan, with no thought for tomorrow

but to be free! And feel the power of your eyes on me,

oh my love. how sad it will be when this episode of our

love should end – that fate and death and life should call it quits on us,

what we have here, our lovely time dancing on the turned over desks and burning books of our schoolroom where you

YOU teach me what love truly is!

I read a book, or was it some romantic film, that said it so sadly, and thus best

I loved her like a butcher loves the eyes of a heifer

Alas, what chance that we should come together, my sweet love, my librarian sex goddess of lusty ignorance

and this world, this sad droll nothing- burger

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