POEMS TO RIM ANDREW TATE TO – By Cypress Butane – ‘Don’t Take Your Dreams To School, Boy. Leave Your Dreams at Home’

‘Don’t Take Your Dreams To School, Boy. Leave Your Dreams at Home’

Without Checking the News,
the Headlines Will Do.
Gunman or Gunboy,
Publicity’s Lude.
whose fault would it be
it seems they ask everybody
or at least we respond
as if the fault were our son
you could sum it up quick
simply, just this
the parents to blame
and above them, to name
society too, superego, have you
but over that too, name God
absent here, or just without
everywhere it’s the same
so it’s all to blame
a question of ethics
or media? obstetrics?
don’t answer to quick
spellcheck headlines, dick
Care or care not
guns available? big brothers some
times need to be shot
so don’t cry if they take
your babies away,
but of course that’s the real
victim’s perspective you fear
to ask whose fault it is
that those other one’s kids
who will just disappear
having ‘done nothing’, weird
like bystanders don’t, have
a say in the world
that’s the question of in
no sense asking here
for God damn it the world
makes no sense to itself

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