POEMS TO RIM ANDREW TATE TO – By Cypress Butane – ‘Hey Will Sayer!’

Hey Will Sayer

by Cypress Butane

Fuzzy Wuzzy, In Fluenced
Fuzzy Wuzzy, Could Do It
Coulda Woulda (Don’t Do It)
He Just Went And (Saw Through It)
When They Say, That One (HEY!) Easily, So Led Astray
Whats It Mean, When It Means
He’s Not Listening To
What He’s Seen
Found What He NEeds yet?
Not Listening, N. E. More. To.
U. and Me.
Hey Will Sayer?
How much Wayer?
Out, can you See?
By The Dawns Early Light
Kiss Your Parents Good Night
And Light Another Flag On Fire
Hey Will Sayer
Who Knows Better
We Must Decide Right Now
For All Time
Is Coming Up Against Us
Sooner, Now, Or Later
hey, Will Sayer

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