POEMS TO RIM ANDREW TATE TO – By Cypress Butane – ‘Punk Rock Waitress’

Punk Rock Waitress
by Cypress Butane

There’s a punk rock waitress
And she’s singing in a band
And she leans over the mic
Is it cause all day she has to stand
Or is she reaching out for something
That nobody understands
So she has to duck down low
To try to touch it with her hands

The sound of the music
Is like plates falling off her shoulder
and you’d think when she was singing
it’d sound like her getting older
but what the sound sounds like to me
is somebody hacking down a tree
with a chainsaw no one ever sees
so who t f knows what gas it needs

she’s making love to the stand now
and she is staring at the crowd
and all the boys and standing proud
pretending like their just hanging out

and when I think about you
I touch my shelf
The one inside my mind
That I need some help
To reach
Whenever I’m in trouble
If it’s the good kind what the hell
Let’s let it out
And speak

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